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Redundancy | Definition of Redundancy by Merriam-Webster
Avoid redundancy in your writing. Try to avoid using redundancies in your writing. The design incorporates several redundancies. a system with a high level of redundancy The restructuring is expected to result in the redundancy of several hundred workers. The workers are now facing redundancy.
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the provision of additional or duplicate systems, equipment, etc., that function in case an operating part or system fails, as in a spacecraft.
Redundancy (engineering) - Wikipedia
Redundancy sometimes produces less, instead of greater reliability – it creates a more complex system which is prone to various issues, it may lead to human neglect of duty, and may lead to higher production demands which by overstressing the system may make it less safe.
Redundancy - definition of redundancy by The Free Dictionary
6. Electronics Duplication or repetition of elements in electronic equipment to provide alternative functional channels in case of failure.
What is redundancy? - Definition from
Redundancy is a system design in which a component is duplicated so if it fails there will be a backup. Redundancy has a negative connotation when the duplication is unnecessary or is simply the result of poor planning.
Redundancy financial definition of redundancy
redundancy the termination of an individual's employment when the employer ceases trading or the job ceases to be required because of rationalization, change of product etc.
Redundancy - Wikipedia
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Redundancy is when an employer reduces their workforce because a job or jobs are no longer needed. However, if you lose your job and they get someone in to fill it that is NOT a redundancy… Protect yourself by doing your research and knowing your rights!. Common reasons for redundancy
Redundancy: your rights - GOV.UK
Redundancy is a form of dismissal from your job. It happens when employers need to reduce their workforce. If you’re being made redundant, you might be eligible for certain rights, including:
Redundancy Examples: How to Find Redundancy in Writing
Sometimes people tend to clutter up their writing with unnecessary words of phrases. Redundancy is often use to help pad out writing and make it seem longer than it really is, but instead of helping it just makes the writing difficult to read.