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Decent | Definition of Decent by Merriam-Webster
There's a decent chance that these strangers are pitchmen in disguise, paid to oh-so-subtly pique your interest in their product. — Paul McFedries, Word Spy, 2004 I don't understand how so decent a person could be involved with this kind of crime. He is a decent guy who would help anyone in need.
Decent - definition of decent by The Free Dictionary
Bradley Headstone, in his decent black coat and waistcoat, and decent white shirt, and decent formal black tie, and decent pantaloons of pepper and salt, with his decent silver watch in his pocket and its decent hair-guard round his neck, looked a thoroughly decent young man of six-and-twenty.
Decent Synonyms, Decent Antonyms |
Decent, unpretentious folks, somewhat new, but with loads of money. If she had, now, she might cure some decent girl of her infatuation. He seems too decent to marry that way—and yet it's the only way I could marry him.
decent vs. descent vs. dissent : Choose Your Words ...
Decent is all buttoned up. Descent has all the fun because it gets to climb down a mountain. Dissent is what you do when the glee club wants to get matching red outfits but you like purple.
Decent | Define Decent at
kind; obliging; generous: It was very decent of him to lend me his watch. suitable; appropriate: She did not have a decent coat for the cold winter. of fairly attractive appearance: a decent face. Informal. wearing enough clothing to appear in public. Slang. great; wonderful.
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Urban Dictionary: decent
another word to use for "good", because "good" is so played out.
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